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    DIY Solar System - Make Your Own Energy, Save Money, Save the Planet

    By Anthony McPeake
    Your dream may be to "live off the grid", reduce your carbon foot print, go green, or just stop paying for electricity all together. With advances in technology a DIY Solar System can be yours...and for a lot less then you think. A DIY Solar System can reduce and in many cases can eliminate your electric utility bills. A DIY Solar System is just like a professional solar system, but without all the inflated costs.

    Their are many components that make up a Home Solar Electric System. The key component being the Solar-Electric Panels also known as PhotoVolatic (PV) panels. The PV panels are the key to a any Solar Electric System. They capture sunlight and convert it to Direct Current (DC) electricity. PV Panels come in numerous sizes meazsured in watts. While you can purchase completed factory built panels ready to install on your DIY Solar System, you can economically and fairly easily build your own. A PV Disconnect acts as a circuit breaker between your system and your traditional electric system. Now, as you probably know your home does not run on DC Electricity. An Inverter transforms DC power produced by your Home Electric Solar System to Alternating Current (AC) that you use in your home. Inverters can also integrate support for Battery Systems if you are ready to go completely off the grid.

    Just how much energy you produce is determined by many factors. The rating of your PV's the higher rating or more of them, the more energy you will produce. Your geographic location will have a large impact on your results. If your home is in Alaska, you will not be able to produce as much electricity as a house on the equator. How much access to the Southern Exposure do you have. For homes located in the Northern Hemisphere the optimal direction is South, you would reverse this in the Southern Hemisphere. But if all of these factors are in your favor not only will you be able to reduce your utility bills with a DIY Home Electric System, but you may be able to profit by selling your excess energy production to your local utility.

    Their are many resources vailable to you online, many free and some with hefty costs associated with them. As I have been doing my research for my planned DIY Solar System I have spent tens of hours looking for the best information to start to design a system for my home.After many hours of frustration I came across one simple web site that provided not only comprehensive instructions on design, installation, and considerations, but also detailed video's that walked me through the process step by step. I sure wish I would have found this before I lost several days of life doing my research. If you would like to save your self the time and frustration and start planning your DIY Solar System you can Click Here! to take a look for yourself.

    Whether you are looking to save money or save the environment I wish you good luck and money savings with your DIY Solar System adventure.

    A DIY Solar Electric System can help you lower your electric bill and save the environment. With simple plans and comprehenisve detailed instructions and videos you can be on your way. To learn more about plans and information you can go to DIY Solar System Plans.
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