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    Decorating Your Rental

    By Betty Jones
    One of the biggest frustrations for renters are the rules set by landlords regarding decoration. Very few allow you to paint with color. Carpets may be old, and window treatments unfashionable. Making a white walled house or apartment home-sweet-home can be a bit of a challenge. But, knowing a few tricks that help you cut corners on renter's regulations, can make all the difference.

    Window Treatments

    Landlords are usually not decorators. They don't know any better than throwing up some mini blinds or making the mistake of attaching a rod directly onto your window trim. Though most mini blinds need to stay put, you can easily move the location of your curtain rods. Try moving the rods about a foot above the window and temporarily replacing the drapes until you move out. You'd be amazed at how much a room will change when drapes are raised high and hang long. It creates the look of higher ceilings, thus creating illusion of a bigger space. Plus, adding some colorful fabrics can fill the blank canvas of a white wall.

    There is a world of colors and textures in drapery fabrics to be found. Add a little shimmer with some silk. Insert another rod and hang some soft sheers. Go crazy with bold and beautiful colors. You'd be surprised how how quickly a room can change when you use this hanging tip, and add your own little bit of color and inspiration.

    Another idea for decorating your rental is to spice it up with some personalised accessories. Find a nice pot plant, a throw rug, or a shower curtain to add some (temporary) personalisation to your space!

    There's plenty of info online about other home decor ideas, including Bathroom Accessories. Or for something a touch more "out there", have a look at some ideas for a Pink Kitchen!
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