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    A Death of the Rumah Modern

    A wonderful thought, that. A good home must be made. While most homeowners are pretty sure this is true, many are not quite sure how one goes about doing it.

    And no wonder. Turning a house into a home is a kind of alchemy. But the basis for the process, the base metal from which the gold arise, is caretaking. Somehow, when you care for a house, enhancing strengths and tending to weaknesses, it becomes yours in a way that reaches beyond mortgages, deeds and surveys. You become part of it as you leave your mark on each task, and it becomes part of you through the lessons it teaches you.

    The big question, if you're a typical cash-strapped, time-starved new homeowner, is" "What must be done and how?" and that's where this book comes in. in it, you'll find an introduction to the art of caring for your home. Like any intro class, Home Improvement 101 is filled with basic information you can build on over time.

    As you read these pages, you'll discover that caring for a home isn't rocket science. We're not claiming that it's always easy, and it can be frustrating. But it is so worth the effort and in this as in all other endeavors, knowledge is power. When you recognize the component and systems of a house and understand how they're related, you are prepared to care for this marvelous structure that is becoming not just your house, but your home.

    Home improvement begins with the premise that you own a house. You may be a first time homeowner, but whether this is your first house or your fourth, you want information and guidance, or you wouldn't be reading this.

    Whatever your reasons, you are reading it, and we aim to make it worth the investment. To that end, we ask you to start by reading through the virtual tour on pages 10 to 20. If you've got the time, it will help to actually walk through your own house, indentifying the elements and systems being described. The tour explains how each part or system works and describes what it contributes to the overall picture. This understanding will serve as the foundation for the expertise that's sure to develop as you learn about and care for your home.

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