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    Mechanical Systems

    Mechanical Systems
    Now that we've covered the structure, let's look at the systems inside the house, starting with plumbing.

    A plumbing system is responsible for both water delivery and removal. Water arrives under pressure and leaves by gravity, taking with it soap, dirt, human waste, and anything else put down the drains.

    Of course, there are stops in between, such as water heaters and water softeners, but the basic system is incredibly simple: Water enters through a pressurized water line, gets split into hot and cold water lines, then delivered to faucets, toilets, and appliances. Once it's been used, the water is transferred to the sewer or septic system by the drain waste vent (DWV) system.

    If you don't learn anything else abbot your plumbing system, learn where the shutoff valves are located, starting with the main water supply shutoff valve. If a pipe bursts or a plumbing emergency arises, you may need to close this valve in a hurry.

    If you have municipal service, the shutoff is near the water meter, usually on a basement wall facing the street side of the house. in houses without basements, meters and shutoff valves are typically found in brawl saves or along the ground floor wall next to the street. if you have a well, the shutoff valve is probably located on the outlet side of the storage tank.

    Sink, tubs and toilets typically have shutoff valves, too. You'll find these valves under the fixture, near where the water's being delivered. For example, the kitchen and bathroom sinks typically have shutoff valves under the sink, at the back of the cabinet.

    Find these valves. Test them. show family members how to use them. in an emergency, knowing how to turn the water off could mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and major damage.

    Next stop: the electrical system. At this point, many of you are muttering that you have no intention of messing with electricity. If so, you're not alone. Plenty of homeowners are a little uneasy about working on their electrical system. but don't skip this part - really, there's nothing magical about electricity, no voodoo in your home wiring. Electricity abides by the laws of physics, and if you understand how it works, you'll be prepared to deal with minor problems and know how to describe and discuss the situation if you ever need to call in a professional electrician.

    We'll go over this in detail in Electricity, but for now, we'll begin at the beginning. Service wire bring power into your home. Those wires may be strung overhead or buried, but either way, they run to the electric meter and service panel.
    (Overhead wirers run first to a service mast attached to the roof or siding. Buried wires enter straight into the basement of come up the foundation to the service panel).

    Current comes into the house through the electric meter, it goes to the service panel, which distributes it to individual circuits throughout the house. Each circuit is a continuous loop and here's why. Electricity in a circle. it flows through the service panel to light fixtures, appliances, receptacles, and switches on hot wires and then goes back to the service panel along neutral wires. Electricity that escapes this defined loop is directed into the ground by a grounding wire. Anything that interrupts the circuit creates problems and what you should and shouldn't do about them. For now, just know that they're there and that they aren't nearly as intimidating as you may believe.

    And finally, the system that's most responsible for your home's overall comfort and safely: the HVAC system. This system contains the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units that help maintain consistent temperatures and humidity levels indoors, regardless of the weather chives outdoors. When the HVAC system functions properly, you're not aware of it because you feel comfortable. But when the system is failing, you'll quickly notice that it's too hot, too cold, too humid, too dry - or even that the air seems stale.

    As you're probably guessed, HVAC is an acronym for that's right heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We'll discuss how each particular subsystem works in HVAC, so for the sake of simplicity, here are the basic.

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