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    Mechanical Systems (2)

    Heating: In your house (rumah), you most likely have a furnace or a boiler, where heat is released from burning fuel and transferred to air or water. The heated air or water is circulated through a series of ducts or pipes to register, radiators or convectors to warm individual rooms. Other common heating systems include electric baseboard heaters, fireplaces and gas or wood burning stoves.

    Ventilation: Whether they're as simple as open windows and ceiling fans or as complex as air to air exchangers and elaborate filtering units, ventilation systems have a sole purpose; to supply fresh air to your house (rumah). Fresh air helps regulate both temperature and humidity, eliminate smoke and odors, and provide combustion air for fuel burning appliances. Oh yeah, fresh air keeps you and your family healthy, too.

    The upside of the 1970s energy crisis was the advent of superefficient furnaces and elaborate house (rumah) wrapping techniques that helped homeowners conserve energy and save money. Unfortunately, the downside of this efficiency was the drastic reduction of fresh air cycling through our homes (rumah).

    Just as we need fresh air to remain healthy, so do our homes (rumah-rumah). Good ventilation keeps indoor air from becoming stale, dusty and too dry or too humid. A constant supply of fresh air reduces susceptibility - especially in children - to viruses, chronic respiratory ailments, and the effects of carbon monoxide. ironically, older, drafty houses (rumah) are often better ventilated than newer, super insulated homes (rumah). Poor ventilation can actually reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system.

    So, how do you know if your home (rumah) is property ventilated? Look for these telltale signs of excessive humidity and insufficient air exchange:
    - Frequent condensation on the room side of windows.
    - Stale air.
    - Persistent, lingering odors.
    - Mold and mildew in carpets or on walls, especially in kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

    Poor ventilation also could be the cause of chronic allergies or asthma. If you feel your family or home (rumah) is at risk, don't hesitate to call an HVAC expert.

    Air Conditioning: Both central air conditioning systems and window units work the same way; by capturing heat in a refrigerant and transferring it outside the house (rumah) while cooled air is circulated through the furnace ducts or blown directly into a single room or area.

    Heat Pumps: If you live in an area with relatively moderate winter temperatures, you may have a heat pump that acts as both a cooling unit and a heating unit for your home (rumah). This single unit extracts heat from cool outdoor air during cold weather and removes heat from indoor air during hot weather.

    Humidity refers to the moisture in the air. In winter, higher humidity makes air seem warmer; in summer, lower humidity makes air seem cooler. However, humidity is volatile -  finding that delicate balance is key to keeping your home (rumah) comfortable and safe.

    To help reduce indoor humidity levels, use portable dehumidifiers, fresh air vents, and bathroom and kitchen vent fans. Additionally, clean furnace mounted humidifiers as recommended by the manufacturer, typically once a month. This will help prevent mold and mildew from growing in the moist environment of the humidifier, where it can be dispersed throughout the house (rumah) via the ductwork.

    Heating and cooling is the biggest continuing expense related to your house (rumah). Regular maintenance will help ensure your hVAC equipment runs efficiently, keeping you and your family comfortable and healthy, as well as saving you money.

    That's your home (rumah). Sure, each house (rumah) has its own particular elements and idiosyncrasies, but at the very basic level, that's it. So, how do you maintain and take care of this structure and its interrelated parts? Well, turn the page and we'll get started....

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